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Health Services

Oonah Health & Community Services Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit Indigenous health service.  We offer a range of services to support the health and wellbeing of the Community in the Inner and outer East of Melbourne. Our aim is to support a healthy, strong and skilled Community through our core values of: Respect, Caring and Sharing.

For referrals and enquiries 


Oonah's Paediatric Clinic runs on a fortnightly basis providing a culturally safe space for Community to access specialised care. The Community values Oonah's family orientated approach to healthcare. Our team of paediatricians are experienced in addressing a broad range of medical issues, and learning and behavioural difficulties ranging from newborns to 16 years.


Oonah’s visiting optometrist sees patients of all ages and needs, our optometrists will thoroughly examine your eyes and provide you with the best advice regarding your visual needs and the health of your eyes.

Did you know that if you have Diabetes Type II it is important to have an eye check every year..

Children should have a full eye examination before starting school and then regularly as they progress through school. Children should also get their eyes tested if there is a change in vision or if you think there may be an issue.

There is no referral required to see the optometrist at Oonah and Oonah supplies one pair of free glasses per year for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.


Oonah partners with Hearing Australia to provide specialist ear and hearing health care.. Our Audiologists support the non-medical management of hearing loss and assess and treat people of all ages with hearing problems and/or balance and communication problems.

Good hearing health is important during childhood, if concerned with your child’s speech or behaviour make an appointment to see the Oonah audiologist.

There is no referral required to see our Audiologist.


A podiatrist can help with diagnosing and managing foot conditions, they can also help with managing lower limb mobility. We encourage people with diabetes to see a podiatrist at least once a year.

To see the Oonah podiatrist visit your GP and ask for a referral from your annual Aboriginal Health Check or your Chronic Disease Management Plan.

NDIS Support

NDIS Support and Access 

  • Provides direct support to Community with their NDIS journey including gathering information, for submitting an application, creating a plan and obtaining services and value from their plan.

  • Identifies NDIS access pathways for Community and barriers that prevent Community from utilising NDIS

  • Is co-creating culturally appropriate resources to assist Community understand the NDIS

  • Builds cultural knowledge within mainstream organisations so they can provide services in a culturally safe manner

  • Strengthens Community relationships and build an effective model of engagement for the future


Emotional and Wellbeing

Oonah’s Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team provides support to individuals to live their best life.  With a healing focus, Oonah’s team can support you in your wellbeing including connecting you to social supports such as housing, justice, food security, Centrelink, Cultural programs.


For more information please contact the team.

Bringing Them Home

Oonah’s Bringing them Home Program assists and supports clients, with a particular focus on Stolen Generations and their families, to find their family history / mob and where they come from through research via a range of sources including Koorie Heritage Trust.


Oonah has specialised Mental Health Nurses and Counsellors to support you on your recovery journey.  Oonah partners with Stepped Care and the Yarra Ranges Mental Health Hub to provide a wrap around holistic service to support you and your family in your mental health journey.

Oonah has access to psychologists, counsellors, psychiatry and peer led programs to ensure you have choice in the clinicians you see.

Mental Health Team


Elder Care

Oonah with the support of NACCHO now has funded supports to help our Elders access Aged Care Services.  The team can help navigate MyAgedCare, Home based services, and Residential Care as well as recommend social programs across the Eastern Region.

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